Tailored solutions with custom deliverables

Our systems analysis initiative can provide your organization with a realistic profile of how technology can boost your staff and your bottom line.

Let's have a chat

We consider one-on-one interaction and a personal understanding of the business to be pinnacle in implementing any system. As such, we develop lasting relationships with our clients to support them in future endeavours.

Mission-critical and production-based?

We have the experience and the aptitude to provide solutions under intense conditions and help bring your technology-based project to completion.


What we believe in

We'll always shoot it to you straight

We take pride in the fact that we get involved and seek to understand our client's core business in order to contribute more than just software. As such, it's our job to let you know what we think, and this is a two-way street. Candor counts, and forms the basis of our client relationships at MMSI.

We stay abreast of the latest developments

In today's world of open-source software and rapid development cycles, writing everything from scratch is not only inefficient but also irresponsible. We leverage the massive amount of code that is produced around the world daily and seek to stay abreast of current developments that could be applied to our client's business problems in new an interesting ways. We're not afraid of a good rewrite if it will leave our client in a better position for the future.

We're paid for our value

At MMSI, we work with you to not only improve your computer systems but to make your business better. This is why our relationship with our clients doesn't stop at project scope. We're happy to be leveraged in conversations that might require a technology expert's opinion in other areas of your operation, and also believe in an empowered client base — one with the skills to fulfil the potential of their own technology.